Trekking terms

Walking gear (English : Spanish)

  • Backpack: Mochilla
  • Walking boots: Botas
  • Gloves/mits: Guantes
  • Scarfe: Bofunda
  • Balaclava: Paramontanyas (for mountains!)
  • Walking pole: Bastone or pola
  • Snow Shoes: Raquetas del Nieva
  • Ice Axe: Pioleta
  • Crampons: Crampones

Cycling Gear and Bikes (English : Spanish)

  • Bike: Bicicleta or Bici
  • Forks: Barres
  • Mountain Bike: Bicicleta Todo Terrain (BTT)
  • Road Bike: Bici de la carraterra
  • Panniers: Alforjas
  • Rack: Parrilla
  • Gloves/mits: Guantes
  • Helmet: Casco
  • Shock absobers: Amotiguadores
  • Chain: Cardena
  • Brakes. Frenas
  • Gears: Velocidades

If you require any gear or advice, or want to add to my list then please get in touch with me.